Lateral Toss
From an over and under tie-up, the wrestler in the blue singlet attacks with a big toss. He circle steps in front of his opponent. His right leg splits his opponent's stance, giving him the leverage to execute a back-arch.
As his left foot pound-steps into the mat, he begins the arching and twisting motion. With his arms he lifts, as hips move towards the defender. The arch is a powerful technique that gets great lift.
In a lateral-drop it is important to turn towards the defenders trapped arm. The height of the throw takes the defender directly to his back. It is important to continue to control the over-under tie-up.
Be careful not to loose control of the overhooked arm as the defender continues to turn away, in an attempt to roll off of his back. Lift the arm at the tricep and pull it tight across your chest, walk the arm away from the body. Get on your toes and tighten up your tie-up to gain better pin-position.
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