The Granby
The top man's application of foward pressure with a tight waist opens up the granby roll as an effective counter. The bottom man begins to tripod up against the pressure. Notice the top man is still applying a tight waist.
While gaining a higher level in the tripod, the bottom man cross steps under his body with his near leg. The cross step becomes the foot that the bottom man will explode off of to gain momentum for the granby. The bottom man kicks high with the other leg and extends back with his near arm to tuck under for the roll.
The top man's tight waist helps increase the momentum of the roll. The roll should be high across the shoulders with a minimum of time spent on your back. In this case, the granby is an escaping maneuver. Here, the top man is already releasing his tight waist.
As the roll is completed be ready to scramble for position. There are a variety of ways to set up and finish a granby roll. Remember a granby is not for Greco or Freestyle wrestling because of immediate exposure points.
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