Arm Spin
The wrestler in blue controls an elbow-tie. He steps deeply with his right leg underneath the controlled elbow-tie. At the same time, he throws his right arm high under the elbow tie. He pulls the elbow-tie across his chest, while he rotates his body to look the same direction as his opponent.
The spinning rotation of the body is known as a back-step. Look at the height of the arm which was punched underneath the elbow-tie. To take the defender through to his back the attacker then executes a bowing motion as he kneels to the mat.
He drives his chest to the mat as he pulls hard on the defender's arm. Here, to increase the force of the rotation the attacker drives his hip to the mat. Be careful not to roll to your back though. As the attacker disappears under his opponent, the momentum carries the defender to his back.
All the while the attacker controls the defender's arm with the same elbow-tie he started the move with. To hold the defender for nearfall points, the arm that punched underneath the elbow-tie is then brought across the defender's chest. In Greco-Roman or Freestyle wrestling this takedown would be worth three points.
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